Witnesses Saw A Stranger Kidnapped A Little Child…THIS Is How They Shockingly Reacted!

What would you do if you witnessed a kidnapping right in front of you? Would you help? Would you call the police? Or would you just ignore it? Many of us would probably intervene or would do something just to save someone from being abducted. Sadly, that was not the case in this video.

The footage which emerged from China shows a man ran up behind a child, put a cloth covered in chloroform on his mouth and snatched him up.
kidnapping social expirement 1
Several people witnessed the abduction, but they have that same “disturbing” reaction.

kidnapping social expirement 2

At this point, one should be interfering, but the witnesses, though shocked, did nothing as if they didn’t saw anything.

kidnapping social expirement 3

Many were left still, wondering, while others continued on what they are doing, one woman even managed to laugh. None of them bother to help the kid, nor call the authorities. These shocking reactions only proves that “concern” for others is somehow deteriorating in China.

Watch the shocking footage:

Gladly, it was just a social experiment pulled out by YouTuber Dapeng Prank who aims to highlight the rising number of missing children in China.  According to him, more than 200,000 children went missing in the country each year, with only one percent ever found.

Well there’s no wonder why there is a high percentage of missing children in China, this video says it all. If only we could care more about other people, such tragedy will be lessen.

As he says, “Your child may be the next kidnapped person. Make sure you do something about it when you face something that doesn’t seem right. You can change a child’s lifetime.”

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