Kanye’s Former Friend Spills All The Tea — Says Kim Controls Him, He’s Weak, And He Wants To Be White

Kanye West’s former best friend, Chicago rapper GLC recently gave an interview where he gave an insight into Yeezies past, present, and future. The level-headed rapper presents Kanye as a very different person than the superstar presents.


GLC says Kanye West is in the sunken place. This is a reference to the 2017 Jordan Peele horror movie Get Out. It refers the the hypnotic state the black characters in the movie  are put under so that the white characters can control their bodies.


Kanye and GLC grew up together in the same Chicago neighborhood and started to get their come-up around the same time. GLC reminisces about the old Kanye, the Kanye for the people. The “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” Kanye.


But GLC says that his lifelong friend has become a stranger; a sponge. The Chicago rapper says that Yeezy simply becomes whoever he is around. He’s a follower, a social chameleon.

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