Drake Broke The Record For Most Billboard Awards Won In One Night, And Here’s His Full Acceptance Speech That Was Bleeped

So, the fans are probably thrilled to pieces about Drake’s recent Billboard Awards clean up while people who are less impressed have just added another reason to give fewer s**ts about these award programs. Did you see what happened last night?

Drake had quite the entourage of people join him on stage when he accepted the Top Artist award Sunday night. His father was the guy in the really, REALLY purple suit and you can see who is standing to his right… He would mention both in his acceptance speech…


In case you’re wondering who he was up against for Top Artist, the other nominees included Justin Bieber, Twenty-One Pilots, the Weekend, Rihanna, Beyoncé, the Chainsmokers, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, and the irrepressible Adele. Does it seem like they just put everyone’s name on a large dart board and made the whole thing a toss up? Do you think Adele is writhing in bewilderment?


She might be – after all, Adele was the previous record holder for the most Billboard Awards won in one evening. Drake took home 13. He did feel the need to point that out and said, “Hold tight, Adele, because when a new album drops, you’ll fall back to get the record back.” Looks like he was going for humility here?

Daily Mail

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